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Frequently Asked Questions at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Howell, NJ

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Feel free to email us and ask us anything or come into one of our locations to find out more.

What can urgent care centers treat?

Urgent care centers treat everyday injuries and illnesses. My InstaDoc can treat everything from colds, flu and cuts to fractures, sprains and some dislocations. We provide immunizations, sports physicals, EKGs and X-rays. We perform minor surgical procedures, such as stitches, and also administer IV fluids and labwork.

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But what about quality of care?

My InstaDoc offers board certified physician onsite. All of our board certified physicians specialize in emergency medicine, or have many years of excellence in medicine with experience in emergency rooms or urgent cares. In addition, we ensure all providers are current and up to date with all special credentialing or training requirements.

How is an urgent care practice different from my primary doctor’s office?

An urgent care practice can supplement the services your primary doctor provides, with extended office hours and short wait times and can offer more comprehensive services available on-site than most primary doctor’s offices. We believe primary care doctors are an integral part of the health care system and will work in conjunction with them to provide a more comprehensive care. We will help you find one if necessary. Together we can reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and save valuable time and money.

When should I not visit an urgent care practice?

Life threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, symptoms of a stroke, severe abdominal pain, severe rectal bleeding or passing out are best treated ?in an emergency room at your local hospital.

Although our offices are staffed by some board certified emergency? medicine physicians, life-threatening emergencies require advanced care available only at a hospital.

Who do you treat?

Everyone from age 6 months and older

Do I need a referral or authorization from my primary doctor to visit My InstaDoc?

No. Our unique agreement with insurance carriers as an urgent care provider allows you to be treated in our office without a referral as long as you are in network.

What types of insurance does My InstaDoc accept?

Please refer to our participating insurances page.

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Can I get an appointment now?

You never need an appointment at My InstaDoc. Just walk in! You’ll be seen by one of our board-certified doctors before you know it with 95 percent of our patients being seen within 20 minutes.

What kind of doctors are at My InstaDoc?

All physicians working in our facilities are experienced in emergency medicine or urgent care. Many of our physicians have trained in some of ?the best hospitals. Meet some of our doctors and learn about them here. Alongside our doctors, My InstaDoc has on-staff physician assistants from leading emergency rooms around the tri-state region.

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What is urgent care and how does it work?

Urgent care centers treat those who need attention quickly but don’t require an emergency room visit. Urgent care centers do not require an appointment and are generally open longer hours than a primary care physician’s office. All My InstaDoc centers are open seven days a week.